While many of us would like to see a streamlined profile when we look in the mirror, some of us have excess fat that creates a double chin, also called submental fullness. A double chin can result from a variety of causes, including hereditary factors, weight, anatomy, and airway positioning. If you have a double chin you’re unsatisfied with, you’re not alone — as many as 68 percent of people are in the same boat, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.


Double chin treatment is done to remove this extra layer of fat below your chin.



A double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin. A few different factors combine in the body to create a double chin.


Some people opt for invasive procedures to fix a double chin. There are three main procedures for treating a double chin:


Mesotherapy:  Mesotherapy involves injecting compounds into the chin that dissolve fat. The process can take up to 6 months and may multiple sessions  in some people.


Liposculpting: Liposuction is  the best treatment for the double chin. It treats a double chin by removing the fat through suction .Small incision is given under the chin and neck and by suction fat is taken out. after that pressure garment is applied which has to be worn for about 1 month. No scar will be visible after procedure and result will be permanent.