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A mole is defined as the different type of skin lesion manifested as flesh-colored or pigmented, elevated or flat, irritable & a bumbling thing. It is also termed as Nevus which usually stands for a number of benign i.e. non-cancerous & pigmented lesion of the skin. On the other hand, warts are small & scratchy growth, typically traced on the hands, feet, but often may found in different locations of the body. Usually warts have the appearance of uneven-solid blisters resembling cauliflowers.

Benefits of Mole and Warts Removal

Mole and wart removal is a common dermatological procedure that offers several benefits to individuals who may have these skin growths. Here are some of the key benefits of mole and wart removal:

  •   Cosmetic Improvement
  •   Reduced Risk of Irritation
  •   Enhanced Skin Health
  •   Skin Cancer Screening
  •   Improved Self-esteem
  •   Easier Grooming
  •   Reduced Risk of Trauma
  •   Preventing Spread
  •   Quick and Low-Risk Procedure
  •   Minimal Scarring


Moles mostly occur in children, but it is common in adults as well. Excessive pigment production by melanocytes results in accumulation & moles are formed with dark appearance. Moles can be light colored or deeply red colored.

Viral infection, specifically by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV-1 to HPV-4) responsible for planter warts on soles of feet. HPV-6 & HPV-11 cause Anogenital warts i.e. Condylomata acuminate. Human Papilloma Virus is an oncogenic DNA virus.


A plastic surgeon can treat a mole with a simple surgical excision during the visit. It is not a complex procedure & it will not cost you a lot. But if cancer is suspected, then after removal of the entire mole, the doctor will send the mole to the histopathology lab for examination.

Dr Vikas Gupta has very vast experiance of mole removal by surgery and laser also.

Dr. Vikas Gupta also has radiofrequency laser machine which is very effective in mole removal in 5 mins without any scar.

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Yes, when performed by a qualified dermatologist or healthcare professional, mole and wart removal procedures are generally safe.

The level of discomfort varies depending on the method used. Local anesthesia can be administered to minimize pain during the procedure.

Common methods include excision, laser removal, cryotherapy (freezing), and electrocautery.

The extent of scarring depends on the method used and your skin type. Dermatologists take care to minimize scarring as much as possible.

In most cases, once a mole or wart is removed, it does not return. However, there is always a slight chance of recurrence.