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Mommy Makeover in Jaipur

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and other factors all contribute to changes that happen to a woman’s body after having children. When exercise and diet programs are not enough to achieve the results patients want, they might want to consider a “Mommy Makeover” – which is a combination of procedures – to reshape their body.

Because no two women are alike, Dr Vikas Gupta make sure the procedures are appropriate for each individual patient. We recommend options based on the woman, applying the latest technology, products, and techniques to achieve safe, effective results.

Benefits of Mommy Makeover Surgery

  •   Enhanced Self-Esteem
  •   Comprehensive Transformation
  •   Customized Treatment
  •   Efficient Recovery
  •   Restored Body Proportions
  •   Long-Lasting Results
  •   Improved Clothing Fit
  •   Emotional Well-Being

Procedures in Mommy Makeover include

The specific procedures included in a mommy makeover can vary based on individual patient needs and goals, and these decisions are typically made in consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon like Dr. Vikas Gupta. Below are a few of the most typical procedures that women have as part of a Mommy Makeover in Jaipur.

  •   Breast Augmentation
  •   Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
  •   Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
  •   Liposuction
  •   Body Contouring
  •   Facial rejuvenation

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Mommy Makeover Treatment: What to Expect

During the initial consultation, we talk to patients about their overall health and expectations and discuss what options and procedures may work best. Mommy makeover in Jaipur can be done on patients below 20 years of age. Recovery time will vary depending on the surgical procedures involved.

For long-term results, it is important to maintain a healthy weight. We can recommend a diet and exercise plan to help patients maintain the long-term effects of mommy makeover in Jaipur.

Cost of Mommy Makeover Surgery

The cost of a mommy makeover surgery in Jaipur, can vary widely depending on several factors, including the specific procedures included in the makeover, the surgeon's experience and reputation, the surgical facility's fees, anesthesia costs, and the extent of the surgery needed to achieve the desired results.

To get an accurate cost estimate for your mommy makeover in Jaipur, it's recommended to schedule a consultation with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Vikas Gupta.

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Ideal candidates for a mommy makeover are generally in good health, have completed their family planning, and are bothered by changes in their breasts, abdomen, and body contour after pregnancy and childbirth.

Recovery times vary depending on the procedures performed and individual factors. Most patients can expect several weeks of recovery. Your surgeon will provide post-operative care instructions to help with healing.

Research board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Vikas Gupta, and schedule consultations. Ask about their experience, view before-and-after photos, and discuss your goals and concerns to ensure a good fit.

Breastfeeding after breast surgery can be possible, but it depends on the specific procedures performed and individual factors. Discuss your plans for breastfeeding with your surgeon before the surgery.

Your surgeon will provide pre-operative instructions, which may include quitting smoking, adjusting medications, and making arrangements for post-operative care and recovery.